April 17-25, 2013

“Doing business in Ireland may be the smartest thing you’ve ever done.”

Like minded real estate agents ready to expand their business are off to Ireland on April 17 -25, 2013 to participate in a professionally focused tour and “hands on” workshop. You too can network with top Irish Real Estate Agents, view hot properties and take away the knowledge of buying and selling real estate in Ireland. Make yourself the “stand out” agent and provide your clients with access to second homes and investment properties in Ireland.

This not to be missed tour combines all the right ingredients for professional real estate agents with accommodations in luxurious properties with magnificent settings, customized sightseeing tours designed to give you the quaint and the extraordinary, while learning about real estate in the Emerald Isle. Of course there is the secret ingredient—the Irish people!

Your customized real estate workshop features presentations by local Irish professionals ready to do business with you and your clients. Tax professionals, solicitors and top real estate brokers will all share their knowledge of the process of buying and selling properties in Ireland. You will walk away with the basics and have confidence that you have a network of professional contacts in Ireland for you and your clients to invest in this stunningly beautiful country.

Did you know that over 40 million Americans have Irish heritage? And many of them are considering going back to their roots and purchasing legacy or holiday properties. After participating in this exclusive tour you too can become a part of the process. Make yourself an “agent for life” by offering your clients the “right” connections and receive a referral fee for your efforts.

Market conditions are right for you and your clients to purchase City properties , country estates, or Castles along the shore. Come join with your peers and share in this exceptional opportunity to explore Ireland. At the end of this tour, you will be inspired to return to purchase a property and see all of the other wonders the Emerald Isle has to offer!